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In theory model shoots sound so glam; beautiful models, bright lights and interesting locations. The images that you see tend to mask the hard work and planning that goes into them. So we thought you may like a sneak peek into our latest Steff shoots, photographed by Abby Cohen to see what really goes into getting that perfect shot.

Since the inception of the Steff brand back in 2016, Abby has helped create all of the visual imagery to tell the story of our jewellery.  Together we have developed the Steff style and learnt by trail and error along the way.  One thing we have so far found to be be true, is that you can meticulously plan everything down to last detail but its spontaneous moment, when something unexpected and magical happens in front of the camera and you know you’ve got your shot.

Shooting on location always adds extra complications as you have so many additional elements to factor in – not least the British weather!!! We have so far been fortunate enough to enjoy beautiful sunshine on all of our shoots. However the best shots are often taken early in the morning and later afternoon when the light is soft.

Julles London

Julles London

Julles London graduated with a degree in Textile Design from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her love of pattern, texture and the natural world is a strong influence on her work. After graduation Julles won a design competition and headed to Hong Kong for a design placement for a watch company Jacques Farel and stayed there for 8 years! It was here in vibrant Hong Kong that Julles found her true passion for jewellery design. After returning to the UK in 2000, she then joined Hot Diamonds as designer and then Creative Director. After meeting Steff in 2011, they have since worked together to bring their creative vision to life. Below are some of Julles recent blog pieces on how you can style your look with Steff jewellery.