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Let It Bee… us save our bees.

Let It Bee… us save our bees.

Here at Steff jewellery we absolutely love bees, so much so that these tiny buzzing creatures inspired us to create our very own Steff Bee jewellery collection. However whilst doing our research into these wonderful creatures we became more aware of their plight and their importance to us – quite simply if it wasn’t for bees we’d all be in deep trouble.  Bees and other pollinators are responsible for maintaining up to 75% of the food and plants that sustain us. Basically if we need food, we need bees.

Unfortunately there is not just one problem causing the decline of bee populations; there are many, smaller issues building into a larger crisis.  We found that one major issue is a lack of green spaces, as more of our gardens are being built on or concreted over to provide parking spaces. Shockingly 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows, the bees natural habitat have disappeared since 1945.

Just like any other living thing, bees can get tired.  If there is too much distance between one lot of flowers and the next they can struggle with exhaustion.  So this is where we thought we could help spread the word.  As part of our LET IT BEE campaign have created our own packets of Steff Wildflower seeds to be given away to all our customers all through the Spring and Summer.  These seeds can be simply scattered in a sunny spot your garden and will grow into a haven of wildflowers for the bees.

In addition to this 10% of our profits form the sale of our Wildwood Bee Collection will be donated to the British Beekeepers association to help fund their amazing work to help save our bees. We have also teamed up with two local beekeepers, who are going to give us some insights into the world of the bees and how we can all do our part, no matter how small to help them thrive. We will be visiting their hives and bringing you regular updates and stories. So stay tuned.

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