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New trend alert for 2018, your ears are the new canvas to express your creative jewellery flair.  The fashion for multiple piercings means that it is no longer about wearing a pair of earrings in the traditional way.  Its about mixing it up, wearing mix and match styles.   The simple stud is worn as scatter up the ear and paired with long drops in the same ear.  Charm and talismans can be added to simple hoops to create a unique look.

If you don’t want to get your ears pierced multiple times look out for clever styles that give this impression without the pain!

Julles London

Julles London

Julles London graduated with a degree in Textile Design from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her love of pattern, texture and the natural world is a strong influence on her work. After graduation Julles won a design competition and headed to Hong Kong for a design placement for a watch company Jacques Farel and stayed there for 8 years! It was here in vibrant Hong Kong that Julles found her true passion for jewellery design. After returning to the UK in 2000, she then joined Hot Diamonds as designer and then Creative Director. After meeting Steff in 2011, they have since worked together to bring their creative vision to life. Below are some of Julles recent blog pieces on how you can style your look with Steff jewellery.