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We offer a variety of women’s designer necklaces & styles, ensuring you can pick the perfect piece to complete your look. We have bold pieces like our pendant necklaces as well as understated classics like our chain necklaces. A number of our designer necklaces also feature in our collections including, angel wings & love hearts. We also offer personalised pieces if you’re looking for something more unique.


Our range of designer necklaces are available in different materials. If you’re looking for something simple, then our sterling silver necklaces are perfect. But if you want something with a warmer tone, then look at our collection of rose gold necklaces. A lot of people say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend & if you agree then take a look at our range of diamond necklaces.

Why Steff?

We are a British-based jewellery company that was founded in 2011. Our unique, hand-crafted jewellery is produced using the finest quality precious metals & gemstones, ensuring true quality.

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